Fantasizing strangers during sex 'makes gay babies' says Imam

  • Controversial figure Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov is known for his anti-gay and LGBTI views and rhetoric. But seriously? :)

    An Imam from Uzbekistan has made a surprising announcement: fantasizing about strangers will produce gay babies.

    Controversial figure Rahmatulloh Saifutdinov upholds the country’s anti-gay and LGBTI views and rhetoric.

    The preacher, who holds sermons at the Mirzo Yusuf Mosque in Tashkent, has previously called homosexuality ‘a disease that worries the world community’.

    But on Friday 2 March, the Imam made the surprising suggestion that people who were imagining someone else when having sexual intercourse, according to RFE/

    He said women who were thinking about other men than their husbands when engaging in intercourse were going to produce gay babies.

    Imam says thoughts ‘may lead to the birth of a lesbian child’

    ‘Women are fantasising about handsome Turkish soap opera actors,’ the Imam said.

    ‘There are many such posts on social media by some married women.

    ‘It’s like having three people taking part in the intercourse.

    ‘Men, too, are not allowed to imagine another beautiful woman when they are having sexual intercourse with their wives, because this may lead to the birth of a lesbian child,’ Saifutdinov continued.

    The country’s strict anti-gay laws have seen many fall victim to intimidation, torture and violence.

    Uzbek torture methods forbidden by international law

    In December of last year, two men were arrested and tortured for gay sex.

    Police said the two men, both in their 20s, are facing three years in prison for ‘engaging in illegal sexual relations’.

    The couple had moved into a rented apartment in Tashkent, the capital of the former Soviet nation, in September.

    Authorities confirmed to media they conducted ‘anal probe torture’, an intrusive and out-dated practice banned under international law.

    They found one man had engaged in ‘repeated sexual intercourse’.

    It involves examining someone’s anus to check for traces of sperm.

    They also take pictures to ‘study’ the shape of the hole.

    If it is wider, the more ‘likely’ the person has engaged in gay sex.

    Also, Moscow City Court announced they would uphold a fine and deportation order given to Uzbek gay journalist Ali Feruz.

    Dua ve tövbelerle geçirilecek bir hayat bile savaşın sorumluluğunu ve günahını temizlemeye yeterli değildir:!::cursing:

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