Community Rules

Turkey LGBTI Union is a community of free and independent serving in Turkey.

1) Users have the right to freely write their thoughts and opinions on our community site.

a) Our members cannot be condemned or blamed for their thoughts and opinions.

i) Each Member must respect the opinions of other members.

b) Slang expressions that humiliate society and written against any person, institution or organization are not allowed.

i) In order to have a healthier and more sustainable discussion, members should be respectful to each other's views.

2) Community forum page serves on two languages. Language suitable for the chosen language option should be used and articles should be published in accordance with spelling rules.

a) It is forbidden to write with all capital letters.

b) The posts of users who are not understood and do not comply with the spelling rules can be edited by the moderators without prior notice.

i) Moderators are forbidden to cause meaning shifting while editing the text.

3) Any commercial or copyrighted posts will not be allowed.

4) Postings that encourage members to use drugs, encourage the use of tobacco products and alcohol will create indignation in the society and within the scope of sharing posts that are clearly considered

a crime in the Turkish Penal Code, these posts will be removed from publication and the member will be sanctioned.

b) Each member is responsible for his / her/their posts.

c) Cannot choose a username against these rules, and cannot include such expressions in signature and profile fields.

b) It cannot include statements contrary to these provisions on another user's wall or profile area.

6) For the security of the members, sharing their personal information is at their own discretion.

a) It is strictly forbidden for the members to share their phone number openly.

b) Members must only fill in the fields specified in their profile fields.

c) If the articles, personal data and any kind of content belonging to a real person are used / stolen by another person, they are completely removed with the proof of this situation and the said member is removed from our Community site indefinitely.

5) The messages of users who send the same and similar messages over and over will be intervened. (Messages containing spam and floods can be edited or removed entirely)

6) Anyone, members of the is free to unsubscribe and delete user account at any time.

7) reserves the right to change these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice. Members are required to review these rules from time to time.